Printable Lined Pages

Printable Lined Pages

Using this tool, you can generate lined pages with custom line spacing. Line spacing can be 5 mm to 30 mm and option to set the margins on both sides.

Line Color Line spacing in milimeter Left Margin Right Margin Paper Layout  

This tool allow you to print free lined pages. You can easily print the lined pages of your choice. First select the line color, than setup the line spacing and left and right margin of the page. Choose your paper size i.e. A4 or Letter and page layout i.e. portrait and landscape.

Once you set the page, just click on generate & print… button. It will give you the output in the PDF format. Download your lined page or just print with your printer.

In the digital age, where technology has taken over most aspects of our lives, there's something undeniably appealing about putting pen to paper.

Whether it's jotting down notes, brainstorming ideas, or simply enjoying the therapeutic act of writing, having the right tools can make a significant difference.

That generates lined pages with custom line spacing comes in. This tool allows users to tailor their writing experience by selecting line spacing measurements ranging from 5mm to 30mm, providing a range of options to suit individual preferences.

Let's explore the benefits and various applications of these customizable lined pages.

Personalized Writing Experience

One of the primary advantages of using a web tool that generates lined pages with customizable line spacing is the ability to personalize your writing experience.

Each individual has unique handwriting styles, and some may prefer narrower or wider spaces between lines.

With options like 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm, users can find the perfect line spacing that suits their writing style, ensuring maximum comfort and legibility.

Flexibility for Different Writing Purposes

Different writing tasks call for specific line spacing measurements. The range of options provided by the web tool caters to various writing purposes.

For instance, if you're taking quick notes or making to-do lists, a 5mm line spacing offers a compact layout with more lines per page.

On the other hand, if you prefer more room for larger handwriting or sketching, the wider line spacing options like 20mm or 30mm will provide ample space for creativity.

Improved Readability

The right line spacing can greatly enhance the readability of your written content. Opting for a suitable line spacing measurement ensures that your writing remains clear, legible, and easy on the eyes.

Whether you're using the lined pages for long-form writing, journaling, or studying, the ability to customize the line spacing to your preference enhances the overall reading experience.

Ideal for Calligraphy and Artistic Writing

For those who indulge in calligraphy or artistic writing, having lined pages with wider line spacing is a game-changer.

The 25mm and 30mm line spacing options provide ample room to showcase intricate lettering styles and decorative elements.

These measurements allow calligraphers and artists to unleash their creativity on paper, bringing their designs to life.

Versatile Layout Options

The printable grid goes a step further by offering layout options such as portrait and landscape orientations.

This feature ensures that the generated lined pages can accommodate different writing preferences or specific project requirements.

Additionally, the ability to choose between A4 and letter paper sizes makes the tool accessible to users across the globe, who may have different standard paper sizes in their regions.


Lined pages with different line spacing options serve various purposes based on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Here are some common use cases for different line spacing measurements.

5mm Line Spacing

This narrow line spacing is suitable for compact writing, note-taking, and creating to-do lists. It provides more lines per page, allowing for more content to be written on a single page

10mm Line Spacing

This is a commonly used line spacing measurement for general writing, note-taking, and journaling. It offers a balanced amount of space between lines, providing readability while still allowing for a reasonable amount of content on each page.

15mm Line Spacing

With slightly more spacing between lines, this measurement is useful for individuals with larger handwriting or those who prefer more breathing room between lines. It offers a cleaner look and allows for better readability, making it suitable for various writing purposes.

20mm Line Spacing

This wide line spacing is ideal for individuals with large handwriting, for sketching or drawing, or for anyone who wants ample space between lines. It provides a generous amount of room for creativity, annotations, or larger illustrations.

25mm and 30mm Line Spacing

These line spacing measurements are especially useful for specific purposes such as calligraphy, artistic writing, or projects that require extra-large characters or decorative elements.

They provide significant space between lines, allowing for more intricate and visually appealing designs.

Sample output of lined pages


Lined Pages with 5 mm spacing
Lined Pages with 5 mm spacing
Lined page with 10 mm line spacing
Lined page with 10 mm line spacing


Lined Pages with 5 mm line spacing in Landsacpe layout
Lined Pages with 5 mm line spacing in Landsacpe layout
Lined Pages with 10 mm Line spacing in Landscape Layout
Lined Pages with 10 mm Line spacing in Landscape Layout

With line color option, you can print lined pages in your favorite color. We also provide tool to generate grid pages can be used a Math Graphs.


The printable grid tool that generates customizable lined pages with a range of line spacing measurements brings a new level of personalization to the act of writing. By allowing users to select the perfect line spacing for their needs, whether it's for general writing, note-taking, artistic pursuits, or calligraphy, the tool enhances the overall writing experience.

The flexibility to choose layout options and paper sizes further adds to its versatility. So, if you're someone who enjoys the timeless practice of penning your thoughts on paper, give this web tool a try and elevate your writing experience to new heights.